What's included

.RW8 project file.
- Faroe light comes in one project file built with F6 stacks only. Sections built with optional stacks also comes with a F6 stacks only versions.
- Faroe Pro is also made with F6 stacks, and it features a fully integrated Admin area built with Total CMS stacks.

Website content
Both versions come with all the text and images, as seen in the website preview. Faroe light stores all the images in the RW resources area. Faroe Pro comes with the full cms-data folder with all the data.

Intuitive edits
Clean and intuitive edit mode, this will allow you to move much faster inside the project for its personalization. Check the tutorial page for a preview of the edit mode.

Fast personalization
Pre-made modules stored as Partials will allow you to fastly create all the pages you need in a matter of minutes.

First-class support in our Weavers Space Community Chanel.