What is Oviond?

Oviond is a web-based tool that integrates your marketing data into one simple platform. Making it easy to visualise, optimise, and automate reporting on key performance indicators.

Ovions integrates natively with a number of marketing apps, analytic services and social network. Some of the biggest names on their integration list are Facebook, Google Analytics, ADS, Instagram and many many others.

What does the Oviond platform do for your business?

We use Oviond mainly for two tasks :

  1. Internal monitoring of our clients SEO, ADS, and social campaigns.
  2. Send beautifully designed (White labeled) reports to our clients.

The platform is easy to use and is designed for agencies, so you can set up different account for your clients. 

Reports are sent out to our clients automatically on a monthly basis. You don't have to spend hours crossing data between Google Analytics, Seach Console, and social network. Oviond does it all for you. 

You can design the structure of your reports yourself or use one of the 120+ ready to use templates in the Oviond library. This tool really saves us countless hours of work.

Oviond Pricing Overview

Oviond follows a subscription based model offering plans that start at a monthly fee of 99 USD. The platform is feature rich even on their starter plan, giving you up to 20 different projects, the white labeling feature and unlimited dashboards and reports.