Setapp is a subscription-based service from MacPaw (The same company that developed the famous Clean My Mac X app). The subscription offers access to 200+ premium applications for one low monthly price of $9.99 USD.

Setapp's extensive catalog includes many popular apps in categories including productivity, design, writing, social media, and maintenance tools, all from approved vendors, and all apps on Setapp are available without ads or in-app purchases.

Even Rapidweaver is part of this app collection, which justifies by itself the price of this service. With Setapp you get all future updates of Rapidweaver at no extra cost. Let's not talk about Rapidweaver though, there are so many premium apps to discover that will help you speed up your workflow and focus on what you do best.

Out of this big suite of apps we regularly use:

  • Clean My Mac X Cleans the system of your Mac while looking for any malware or other piece of software that might be dangerous for your machine. Important! Close Rapidweaver before using this app.
  • Dropshare Great little app that sits on your top bar that allows you to easily send sharable links
  • Paste A utility app that saves your clipboard history so you can access anything you copied and paste it wherever you want
  • Sizzy Nice presentation tool to show off your website to your clients in different devices all rendered at the same time. 
  • Icon Jar An app to store all your icons divided by project and tags. Save you favorite icons and .svg files and access them when you need them.
  • Sip A color picker app that sits in the top bar, access all your projects color palettes in a click.
  • Unite It creates an app for Mac out of a website. We use it to create apps of our admin areas so our clients can edit their websites from an app on desktop.

They have also recently launched a version of this service for mobile devices. We haven't tried it yet, but if you like the desktop version that is something that you might be interested in.