Foundation 6

Get started with Foundation 6 Stacks

Getting Started with Foundation 6

What follows is a series of video published by Weavers Space that will help you understanding Foundation 6. It's always good to learn the basics of the tools you have. Start here and move up to the following sections.


Site Styles

Site Styles provides you with a single place to manage your styles for your webpages. This will help ensure that we have consistent styles for your brand across the entire website. Swatches may be the most powerful aspect of F6. Forget about having to try and figure out CSS to style your content. Swatches has you covered.


Text Content

Using F6 inside Stacks is faster than ever. Editing your pages and previewing is 10x faster than previous versions. Learn how to manage text in your pages in Markdown.



Foundation for RapidWeaver takes a completely different approach to building a website with RapidWeaver. The entire site theme is built and styled using Stacks. It's the ultimate in freedom.


Images & Media

Play your video directly from your webpage, optimize images for different screen size. The Foundation stacks are a turnkey solution to build everything that you will need for a professional and functional site.



Foundation forms ship with 15 different field types to build our your forms. It has super flexible layouts. And they are 100% A11Y compliant.

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